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Umožňuje jednoduché i pokročilé úpravy fotografií

Program určený pro editaci fotografií, prostřednictvím kterého máte možnost upravovat fotografie až stovkou filtrů. PhotoFiltre umí vkládat text, rozmazávat, ostřit, spojovat fotografie, imporotvat, převádět barevné fotografie na černobílé, vytvářet náhledy. K dispozici jsou i další efekty, jejichž počet můžete nadále rozšiřovat pomocí pluginů. Podporuje téměř všechny obrazové formáty, například .bmp, .bmp/.rle, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .targa, .tiff a .ico.

Program je zdarma pro nekomerční a výukové účely.


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п»їTips On Copywriting That Can Benefit Small Business Owners

Even small business owners are rapidly becoming dependent on Internet and World Wide Web for business promotion and profit generation these days. More and more consumers prefer to take up all their transactions from home online instead of going through the hassles of busy market place. Hence online business promotion and therefore copywriting has assumed a much greater significance for the small business owners.
Look Up on the Objectives of Resorting to SEO Copywriting
Basic objective of resorting to SEO copywriting are as follows.
Creating web recognition for the site or enterprise;
Establishment of brand recognition for the product and/or services promoted through copywriting;
Attracting search engine robots through director submission;
Attracting target audience through relevant and qualitative contents;
Enhancement of traffic movement to the site; and
Consequential enhancement of revenue generation.
It is Necessary Rendering SEO Copywriting the Tool for Profit Generation
Writing contents and hoisting them online or submitting to the directories may not serve any purpose unless the contents submitted are converted into tool for profit generation. Only in such case the business will give more earnings to the owner who will be financially stronger than before and will also open up avenues for business expansion or starting some new business.
When Profit and Income Does Not Come Despite Long Stay in the Market
When income and profit does not come up despite long stand of the company in the market, SEO copywriting can help if it is qualitative.
Entrepreneur should realize that there is something wrong in the planning and implementation of marketing strategies;
Using the services of professional and highly competent copywriting services it may be possible spicing up the contents on the web that could attract the target audiences well and also help in conversion of potential buyers into real ones; and
It is necessary entrusting the task to someone who is conversant and proficient in the tricks of the trade.
Why Use Professional Copywriting Services for SEO Copywriting?
Since copywriting is a work of art it requires skill, efficiency, and creativity. It is better using the services of some proficient writing services and such step taken will render a number of benefits for the user.
With such professional services on the job, it will not be necessary for the webmaster entrepreneur to learn the technicalities involved in content writing;
Such services often have a team of experienced and competent professional writers who can deal with multiple subjects with ease and convenience;
Creative copywriters can create contents in such manner that the products and services promoted shall remain in the vision of the prospective customers for considerably longer duration; and
Even though one can do own content writing, the apt professional touch that makes them qualitative could be missing.
Whoever does the copywriting must not only be conversant with the specific subjects and topics but will have to remain updated so that the contents written are always fresh. Above all; the writer must also take into consideration the cost benefit analysis while creating the contents for promoting products, services, or the enterprise as a whole.

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п»їWhat Coaching Is and Isn't. Training, Consulting, Counseling and Coaching

Training, Consulting, Counseling and Coaching
Let us begin with a quick look at the roles of several helping professionals. Say your goal is to learn how to sew. Here is how the goal is accomplished using each of the helping professions listed below.
&bull;A Therapist discusses your past experiences with sewing
&bull;A Counselor explores your anxieties about sewing
&bull;A Mentor shares his own experience of sewing
&bull;A Consultant tells you step by step how to sew
&bull;A Coach supports you and highlights your unique talents for sewing
Now let us look specifically at the differences between training, consulting, counseling, and coaching.
Training and Consulting
Training is very much aligned with the idea of teaching. Training is often suitable for those persons seeking to learn a new skill or to enhance performance on a definite task. Lots of training happens during workshops and classes that geared around a specific goal. What is important to remember with training is that the trainer, not the learner, determines the training agenda, materials, and goals to be accomplished. Consulting is modality of helping that specifically gives advice about a specific problem. Consultants are hired to assess needs and to fix the problem. Consultants bring their &ldquo;know how&rdquo; or &ldquo;expertise&rdquo; to fix individuals problems or problems within an organization. A good example of this is when your computer breaks and you take it to a computer repair shop. The consultant at the repair shop will diagnose the problem, explain the problem to you, as well as fix the problem for you.
Counseling and Coaching
Counseling as a professional body is trained to work with mental health, developmental and situational situations. The goal for the counselor is to bring the life of their clients into a functional state. The implication here is that clients seek counseling when their lives are dysfunctional. This factor is what separates the counseling and coaching professions. Coaching professionals work with clients to produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Like counselors, coaches are trained to listen and to support client growth. Coaching unlike counseling assumes the client is innately aware of the changes they need to make and/or the goals they wish to accomplish and work with their clients to achieve their goals.
Two things to keep in mind are:
1.Coaches support mentally healthy clients and do not provide mental health services
2.Coaches focus on moving forward i.e. helping clients reach a future goal for greater life satisfaction
3.Counselors work with clients having psychological challenges
1.Patterson, James (2008). Counseling vs. life coaching. Counseling Today.
2.Dolezal, Vlad (2010). Life Coaching.

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п»їConcept of Free Classified Ads

Classified advertising is a very old form of communication; in fact, it is probably older than anyone would have ever expected. Early classified ads give an insight into the details of daily life routines and needs such as clothing, tools, eatables etc. In colonial America, the first classified ads appeared in 1704 in a publication known as the Boston News-Letter. The ad requested readers to indicate if they wanted to list houses, property, goods or merchandise and offered reasonable rates on the services. The success of those classified ads spread the concept of advertising all over the globe.
However the classified have evolved over the centuries, still they are timeless. This indicates that the essence of human nature never really changes, and is as constant and permanent as the moon and the wave. The fact is that human beings are always searching, and the only thing that changes is the object they may or may not be seeking. Today, advertised needs are complex and diverse; ranging from housing, cars, antiques, household items, mobiles or even a mate/partner. The birth and growth of the World Wide Web also brings the revolution in the concept of modern classified ads. Now apart from newspapers classified ads, almost every publishing house gives their classified ads on number of websites.
There are various groups which are hitting the market with the concept of free classified ads like khojle, sulekha, adoos, India classifieds, click India etc. The services are from property, jobs, education, vehicles, to mobiles, matrimony and every other thing. Also the best part of these classified ads are that these are generally at reasonable prices or sometimes they are even free. You can not only have the best deals about the new offers and new products but also for second hand products like used mobiles, used cars, property and others.
The website provides its services in all over India including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. It is completely a free classifieds portal which also offers you the opportunity to post ads for buy, sell and sale. The website brings several traders together for providing its consumers the variety of options to choose from. It is so well maintained and categorized that you can easily look into the information which you want. The website is user friendly and gives instant solution to your every problem. It has the free classified ads of used cars, used mobiles, education, party, events, accessories, cameras, gifts and so on.
If you are looking for used mobiles then there is a deal of Blackberry 8520 curve, five months old with full accessories, warranty period at just Rs. 6800/- only. This used mobile deal is in Delhi/NCR. Similarly, you can also check out deals in any city and for any new or used product.

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п»їDomain Name? What the Heck is That?

When I first started buying and selling domain names, my friend had no clue what I was doing let alone what a domain name was nor why I was wasting my time and money. It was not until my first sale that he truly got interested and started asking me some serious questions. You know the saying &ndash; &ldquo;you never believe it until it happens to you&rdquo;. So, what is a domain name? To put it simply &ndash; intangible property (with certain exceptions). I mention &ldquo;with certain exceptions&rdquo; because trademark domain names are not personal property if you do not hold rights to the trademark, even if you purchased the domain name. However, we will get to that in a later update. A domain name can be a combination of letters and/or numbers that create a certain keyword(s) or brand name. For instance, CAR is a keyword that refers to, well, cars&hellip;you know, that thing that usually has four wheels and an engine. What actually makes &ldquo;car&rdquo; a true domain name is the combination of the keyword and the extension. Wait a second, what the heck is an extension? Simply put, an extension is a letter-based acronym that points to a specific geographical region or organization. For instance, CAR.CA refers to the Canadian market, while CAR.GOV refers to a particular government site. In other words, a single keyword or brand is not restricted to a single extension. Each extension, therefore, clearly indicates what your future site will offer and/or what market you are aiming to capture.
The next question most people ask &ndash; is there a significant difference between these various extensions apart from what was previously mentioned? Definitely! Two of the most significant differences are monetary and traffic value. The popularity of an extension significantly increases the potential value of your domain name. For instance, CAR.COM is worth more than CAR.BIZ. This is true because a .COM extension is able to penetrate a larger number of internet users. Think about it, when was the last time you typed in .BIZ at the end of a keyword or brand name? Some of you may even be surprised because you never heard of .BIZ before. Having all this said, there are exceptions when the popularity of an extension adds little value to the keyword. An example would be if the keyword was specific to one geographical region. This exception, however, is EXTREMELY rare and therefore, .COM remains the most valuable extension. To give you an idea just how much of a difference an extension makes, let us compare with According to, receives ~ 250 million daily visitors compared to ~ 34.2 million with What does this tell us? Number 1 &ndash; .com extension will appear higher on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, etc). This means that if you own and someone else owns, you are more likely to have your site appear on the first page of a search engine, assuming that the site is developed and receives traffic (visitors). Number 2 &ndash; greater traffic usually increases the monetary value. In other words, will cost more than because of the extension popularity and the amount of visitors. Think of an extension as land and a keyword as a foundation. If you build a house (keyword) on expensive land (.com), then your property (domain name) will have greater value. Basically, if you plan to invest in a keyword rich domain name, always try to get a hang of .com over other extensions. As you gain personal experience, feel free to expand and invest in other extensions.
So then, what separates a valuable domain name from junk? Quite frankly, there is no one particular answer to this question due to the numerous factors that must be taken into account &ndash; i.e, latest trends, news, and even time period(s). There are, however, repetitive factors that do affect the value of a domain name. The first is AGE &ndash; the older the domain name, the more valuable it is. A domain name with 10 + years of history is far more valuable than a freshly registered domain name. This is true because an older domain name gains more visibility on the internet and thus receives a better page rank. An older domain name may also have a large archive of back links &ndash; the more back links, the greater the page rank. A rich keyword domain also makes a significant difference when it comes to value. For instance, is worth more than because News is a generic keyword. Generic keywords receive more traffic and therefore are more valuable. Although not true in all cases, singular keywords may be worth more than plural ones. For instance, vs. Another factor is the number of characters a domain name holds. Usually, a shorter domain name will possess more value than an extremely long version. There are several sub-factors that follow, too. For instance, (acronym for Coffee Spot) may be worth more than Another sub-factor are numbers and dashes. For the most part, having numbers and/or dashes in your domain name actually reduces value. There are plenty more factors that determine a domain name&rsquo;s value, but these are the mains ones you should be looking out for.
Now that you have a better understanding of the term &ldquo;domain name&rdquo;, you can go and impress your family and friends with your new knowledge. Before you consider investing in domain names, though, I would highly recommend doing more research. Find out what is in demand and why. Once you have acquired enough knowledge, only then should you plunge into the domain world. Remember to set yourself a limit and avoid junk domain names at all costs. Until next time, think positive and stay confident.
&copy;, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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п»їCrafting Copy That Compels Your Customers to Act

What are you asking?
One of the best pieces of advice I can offer when creating copy is to always include an offer, otherwise known as a call to action.
What do you want your customers to do? Don't assume they'll come to your website or storefront just because you've told them you're there. Results driven advertising, marketing and promotions take more planning and effort than an "If I build it they will come" approach.
Give your prospects and customers a reason to support your business. Invite them in to your storefront, request they visit your website and be sure to ask them to take action by giving them a compelling reason to do so.
What are you "asking" your clients and prospects to do?
How often do you see a billboard, print ad or webpage that makes you scratch your head and wonder "what was that all about?" Think about radio and television ads for a moment. Do you ever wonder why advertisers invest in the so called clever and catchy campaigns with no clear message?
Advertisements designed to build top of the mind awareness without any clear call to action are called institutional ads. I'm not saying they don't have their place. If you have an unlimited budget this can be effective. I'm simply making a case for the use of direct response tactics in all of your marketing efforts. Direct response ads get better results. They promote action. Isn't that what marketing is really all about?
Take a moment to consider the types of marketing or advertisements you personally respond to. If you see an ad on television that is unclear do you immediately gravitate toward the brand being featured? Probably not. On the other hand if you see an ad with a specific offer, perhaps a solution to a problem you've been experiencing or an item that fills a need you have right now you're more likely to take action.
Here's an example: If you're reading this article in Manyon's Musings, at some point you decided to subscribe to my ezine. You were probably intrigued by the offer to deliver savvy marketing insights directly to your inbox at no cost to you. Undoubtedly you wanted to learn more about copywriting and marketing. I trust I'm delivering satisfactorily or you would have unsubscribed by now.
On the other hand if you're reading this article on my blog, you may not be a subscriber yet. In that case I'd like to invite you to claim your gift subscription to Manyon's Musings. Each month you'll receive Savvy Marketing Insights delivered right to your inbox at zero charge - valued at $97 per month. Simply click on the "Grab Your Free Stuff" button in the top right hand corner of any page on my blog.

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п»їTremendous money making opportunities online for youngsters!

Internet is providing adults as well as kids many money making opportunities. We all want to make good money quickly; this is made possible only through the internet. For everything we can simply rely on the online resources. Tremendous opportunities are there using which you can make money online. Some ways will make little income and some will make huge money. It depends on the user how he/she exploits the resources.
Paid surveys are the easiest ways which tempts the young people immensely. If you are amongst the younger lot who is anxious to make money fast, choose this facility. What you have to do is simply answer the quizzes that are offered by survey companies. Teenagers can make little income using this method and can satisfy their craving for making money online. There are various survey companies who prefer only the young people, especially the teenagers for their surveys. This is a real opportunity for teenagers to make money fast online and with ease. But you need to make choices very carefully; there had been various scams in the past.
Another very convenient way of making money online is via eBay. You can make business on ebay and can make money fast. ebay is the world's largest online marketplace where people buy and sell their products. There are several methods using which the Teens can earn money like they can sell their own items, free stuff on ebay, can start an own ebay store etc. Drop-shipping is another very popular way of making money online. In this case you don&rsquo;t need to stock items at home, simply take the order, list up items, buy them from the drop-shipper and ask them to send it to the customer.
One more advantageous method which is very popular amongst the online business owners and people who are interested in making money online - Affiliate marketing. It is a very good source of income; this can help people earn money through promoting other people's product. The owner would pay you an affiliate fee for each purchase made by customers you referred. Here you need to make a solid network online which can be easily made using the community portals and networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. If you have the desire to make money online, join with most popular affiliate programs. This is very easy to get associated with these affiliate programs. The best thing is that you don&rsquo;t need to pay for joining these affiliate networks. Choose your option!

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п»їSix Essential Guidelines for Getting Success of E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are the most common mediums for doing online business. However, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind while looking for E-commerce website development. The following article lists down the six important points that can give you quick and expected success in E-commerce.
Starting with a business was never this easy as it is now-a-days. You require no huge funds to have an office or shop, no need for tons of money for maintenance of it. You can simply begin with global business by having an E-commerce website. You can have the E-commerce website development in just matters of some days and get your business running. All you need is a good web hosting and good E-commerce portal development company which can direct you the pathway to success. In recent times solid, reliable and reasonably priced e-commerce services are available. A hosted E-commerce service resolves the businessman&rsquo;s non-product needs such as hosting, shopping cart technology, merchandising, payment, shipping, and so on.
Lot many choices are available these days for selecting a host but this can get you all the more confused as well. There are many companies that provide with plenty of hot offers for E-commerce packages. This is when you need to be careful and make a wise choice. Here are certain denominators to consider while choosing E-commerce service provider.
&bull;Full Wizard driven setup- First of all, you need to select a hosted E-commerce solution that is all in one. It should provide you with set up facility as well. A wizard enables to take you from start to the finish in the completion of a fully operational e-commerce storefront.
&bull;Selection of templates- As one size does not fit all, similarly, one template is does not go for all the products and services. There is a wide range of products that you wish to sell in you E-commerce website and therefore, ask the host to provide you with customizable templates, designs and styles.
&bull;Payment Gateways- PayPal is the most commonly used medium for getting and making payments. However, having only PayPal is not enough. You need to have other payment gateways as well which can cater to the needs of all your customers. The best E-commerce portal development company will provide you with the facility of multiple payments.
&bull;Features of Import/Export in Catalog- All most all E-commerce storefront permits you to create a catalog but there are only few that will allow you to import or export data. This is important for you in case if you wish to change the host.
&bull;Marketing Capabilities- Building an E-commerce storefront is enough in itself. You need to market your E-commerce storefront well enough to get you good amount of customers. Make sure you market you E-commerce website in a proper manner.
&bull;Shipping &ndash; This is undoubtedly an important part of your E-commerce website. Hosted E-commerce must include automated shipping calculation for hosted E-Commerce solution to be of any practical use.
Viteb is your all in one E-commerce solutions provider. You need not go looking for any other E-commerce portal development company as you get all you need at Viteb and that too at the reasonable costs. Viteb can make your business reach to the acme in your business that you have imagined.

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social media marketing for dummies 2018

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